Kids Helping Kids Fight Cancer

As you might have heard, the focus of the L3 Foundation is "kids helping kids fight cancer." Our vision is a foundation led by kids surrounded by adult mentors who help them execute their ideas for fighting childhood cancer. Our kids were the ones who inspired all of us during Landon’s fight, they were the ones who relentlessly supported their friend, and they were the ones who kept reminding us to smile. Well, we are smiling right now and we are extremely inspired. On Sunday, a group of kids gathered together to brainstorm ideas around "how do we tell others about what the L3 Foundation really is." In addition to getting video ideas, we were looking to see "can our kids really work together and lead this foundation?" We received the answer, loud and clear. YES they can and YES they will.

We were also planning on recapping the meeting to all of you, but maybe it's better if we just let the kids explain it.

On Sunday evening we had the first children’s meeting to help kick off the L3 Foundation. The concept of the foundation is for kids to help kids fight cancer. To begin, we want to make a video that helps explain to people what the L3 Foundation is all about. The main goal of Sunday’s meeting was a brainstorming session to come up with ideas to determine what should be incorporated into this video. Kids ranging from the ages of 6-16 shared their thoughts about the video and how to fund raise for the foundation.

A few adults helped us get the meeting started, but once everyone’s wheels started turning and the kids came up with many ideas, the adults left the room and let the kids work together and run the meeting. Many of the kids who were present have great imaginations and came up with awesome ideas for what they think we should incorporate into the video. There were so many ideas, that Teigan filled up four large Post-it papers! Because there were so many creative ideas, we had to take a vote and narrow it down. One of my favorite ideas of the night was to make a flash mob to a medley of Landon’s favorite songs.

I am excited about the theme of the L3 Foundation being “Kids Helping Kids” because I feel that it gives kids a voice and it makes us feel as though we have an impact on the world and can make a difference. It was really inspiring to me, personally, to see the enthusiasm that these kids had on Sunday night in honor of their friend. I am look forward to seeing the outcome of this video and how the L3 Foundation will expand. I know that all of the kids, including myself, want to work together and help with the fight against childhood cancer.
— Nicole Kell
The meeting we held went better than I imagined. It was great to see all of Landon’s friends together and so enthusiastic about the L3 Foundation and the upcoming video. I will say we might need more space and organization though because we had so many kiddos that gave us awesome, crazy ideas. Great to see all the kids helping kids fight cancer together. :)
— Teigan Ahrendt